There are number of carpet cleaning companies is increasing by the day, and they all are competing for this business. The trick is to provide the fairest but competitive cleaning quote for your business. To most people, carpet cleaning is all about pricing. Some can afford to hire professionals to clean their carpets every few months, while others look for more affordable alternatives. As a professional cleaning company, you probably would like to know what cleaning quotes your competitors are setting before setting yours.

There are five things to consider before providing carpet cleaning quote.

  1. Specific Room

This method is meant to provide the provider simplicity. Most large establishments tend to use this method in order to streamline their quote. The number of rooms will determine how much cleaning will be needed.

  1. Surface Area

The surface area is another thing to consider before providing cleaning quotes. Sometimes, a home owner spends less at home than in the office. Carpets at home may only cover small area, but in the office, it could be carpets running from one office to the next. You should also consider the possibility of dealing with wall to wall carpets. In cases like that, the cleaning firm will take the surface area and wall covering into consideration. That implies additional costs on labor and service charge.

  1. Square Footage

This is the most commonly used pricing method. The provider takes the square footage of each room or office and multiplies it by square footage price. For instance, 800 x $0.20 = $160. This method is used because of its simplicity to meet revenue goals. Each client will be charged based on the needed square footage in order to make profit.

  1. Consider Furniture

Carpet cleaning quotes will also be affected by furniture and other household possessions. The team coming to do the cleaning on site will be the ones to move furniture. When they are done cleaning, they have to return furniture and other movables just as it was. Your quote will now be based on this additional work.

  1. Bait & Switch

This practice is frequently used in most major metropolitan areas. This involves quoting a price over the phone and charging something higher when the cleaning is finished. This strategy is illegal and should not be used to set cleaning quotes.  Reputable cleaners will only give a written estimate before the job is done and the clients are expected to pay only what is agreed upon before the cleaning begins.

Carpet cleaners should make a profit to cover their labor, overheads and material cost. If your cleaning company isn’t making money, then it is losing money. This might be because you have a higher quote than your local competitors, hence, consider lowering your quote. Then again, if your quote is somewhat moderate it may be that one of your competitors is trying to lower his quote by curtailing down on quality and time of the service provided. There are other factors as well, just make sure you consider all these and explain to the customer the quality and service they will be receiving before providing competitive cleaning quotes.